VAG COM 12.12.3 VCDS deutsch Diagnostic Cable HEX USB+CAN Interface for VW/Audi Latest

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VAG COM 12.12.3 VCDS deutsch Diagnostic Cable HEX USB+CAN Interface for VW/Audi Latest

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VAG 12.12.3 Diagnostic Cable HEX USB Interface for VW/Audi is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics. Newest Update 14.10.2,


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Regular Price: 39,99 €

Special Price 27,99 €


VAG 12.12.3 Diagnostic Cable HEX USB+CAN Interface for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda Latest Software, support VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda

Vag 12.12.3 Newest Data Version: 2014.1

Vehicle Application List :

Golf / Gol GTI / Jetta / Bora / Vento / Rabbit / Touran / New Beetle / Cabrio / Passat / Magotan / Touareg / & Phaeton / Polo / Santana / Sharan / Transporter / Eurovan / Winnebago Rialta / VW Corrado / VW Eos / Audi TT / Audi  A3/S3 / Audi A4 / A4 / Cabriolet Convertible / S4 / RS4 / Audi A6 / 100 / A6 / Allroad / S6 / Ur-S4 / RS6 / Audi 200 / V8 / A8 / Audi S8 / Audi 90 / Cabriolet Convertible / Audi Q7 / AudiR8

VAG 12.12.3  works with Windows7, WindowsXP,  win7, and 32-bit, 64-bit

New Feature:

1.Includes partial support for VW Crafter vans. Communications with all control modules; 

functions supported: Control Module ID and Advanced ID, Fault Codes (Read and Clear), 

Supported Codes, Security Access, and Adaptation. Other functions such as Measuring Values, 

Output Tests, and Basic Settings will be added in future versions.

2.New more universal Airbag Coding Assistant.

3.New "Upload Debug/Log File" function in Applications Dialog

4.Completely revised and expanded ROD (ODX) Data.

5.New USB Drivers. Now compatible with the latest PCs which use Fresco Logic USB3 


6.Refactored DTC routines which interpret DTC data, including enhanced interpretation of status 

byte for DTCs in UDS modules.

7.New area to display additional info for Basic Settings.

8.Added data types 0B, 0D, 0F to Generic OBD-II Mode 9.

9.New version of LCode. 

10.Revised and expanded Label Files. 

11.Many other small bugs fixed and improvements, as well as everything which was introduced in 

Beta v11.2 - v12.10.3. this is Release verison v12.12.3

Newest Update VAG12.12.3 is the first affordable tool with any support at all for VW Crafter vans, and of course compatibility with all the latest 2013 model VW/Audi Group passenger cars. 
VAG 12.12.3 is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.

VCDS support Golf,GTI,Jetta,Bora,Vento,Rabbit,Touran,New Beetle,Passsat,Magotan,Touareg&Phaeton,Polo,Santana,Sharan,VW Eos,Transporter,Eurovan,Winnebogo Rialta,VW Corrado,Audi TT,Audi A3/S3,Audi A4/A4 Cabriolet/S4/RS4,Audi A6/100/S6/UR-s4/rs4,Audi 200/v8/a8/s8,Audi 90,Audi Q7,Audi R8

The OBD2 VAG Cable that was an excellent VAG 12.12.3 Cable at a low price. It has the option of all of the Vag 11.11 and More Stable.

VAG 12.12.3 Diagnostic Cable Details

VAG 12.12.3 Diagnostic Cable HEX USB Interface for VW/Audi:

-It is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics*.
-Has a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts.
-Can use the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models.
-Allows you to view,  log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once
-Can access all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and/or KWP7000 (UDS)*.
-Can display critical timing information on TDI engines in graphic form

VAG 12.12.2 Diagnostic Cable Additional improvements:

-New, more universal Airbag Coding Assistant.   Works with the latest airbags which use Index-Based coding and provides tips where to find the Index.
-New "Upload Debug/Log File" function in Applications Dialog to make it easier for users to send data needed to answer their support queries.
-Increased size of Auto-Scan logs which can be saved.  We've had reports of cars with so many faults in various control modules that the old limit was reached which resulted in incomplete logs.
-Many other small fixes and enhancements not worth mentioning individually here.
-Completely revised and expanded ROD (ODX) Data. Including coverage for all the latest models of cars such as the new 4G-chassis Audi A6.   The structure of our ROD data has also been revised to eliminate much redundancy and keep the installer size reasonable.
-Support for new UDS addresses required for compatibility with new systems found in latest car models.
-Auto-Scans now show sub-system label file names.
-EDC15-16 Mileage reading now includes support for some EDC15 V6 TDI ECUs.
-Revised and expanded Label Files More than 350 new or revised files since the last dataset.
-New USB Drivers. Now compatible with the latest PCs which use Fresco Logic USB3 chipsets.
Tips Information

Software installation instructions

You must VAG software installed on your computer hard drive!

  If you run directly from other media VAG  software, the software may not run correctly

   However, you can use the CD or USB flash drive to copy the vag installation file to your computer hard drive you want to install, and then install it.

   The appropriate diagnostic cable to connect the vehicle and computer

    Turn the ignition switch of the vehicle, but there is no need to start the engine.

    Run VAG program:

        Click [System Configuration], and then select the correct communications port

        Click [test] to confirm VAG program can correctly use the communication port, find diagnostic cables

         Then click [Save]

     Now you can use VAG all functions of the program. Ensure VAG software can reliably access all the control modules in your vehicle has a view fault codes. Please check vehicle information VAG application list.


         If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, please do not be VAG is installed in the system \ Program Files \ directory

VAG 12.12.3 Diagnostic Cable Package list:

1 x Vag 12.12.3  German version diagnostic cable

1 x CD Software

Additional Information

Package No

Customer Reviews

Review by Matthias
gibt es für die 12.12.2 eine deutsche Version? (Posted on 19.12.2015)
Review by Matthias
ich habe die Version 12.12.2 in englisch.
Kann ich irgendwo die deutsche Version bekommen? (Posted on 19.12.2015)
Review by Mark

i have a Touareg from late 2007, can i use this VAG COM?

With this Version of VCDS i can programming all Modules of the Touareg or only read?

Best regards (Posted on 02.12.2015) Review by krypton
I got the module.
However, there are two installation files in 12.12.3 folder:
VCDS PCI 12123-Installer.exe
VCDS Release 12.12.3a-Installer.exe
What has to be installed? Or must both be installed?
Thank you for your reply. (Posted on 17.10.2015)
Review by Dimitri

Ich habe eine Problemm.
Meine Adapter funktioniert nich mehr.
Was soll ich machen?
(Posted on 12.10.2015)
Review by Exploiter
Hello! Thanks for fast delivery!
But i miss the CD with the right Software and the Download link on this page seems broken :(

Where i can download the vag germany V12.12.3 software for this cable?

best regards (Posted on 28.08.2015)
Review by John
fast delivery best seller (Posted on 12.08.2015)
Review by hern
Can it diagnose the Audi car till 2014? (Posted on 11.08.2015)
Review by soares
Get it and works well.Thank you very much for your service. (Posted on 10.08.2015)
Review by Andy
Can i use it on any computer? i need it can be used on any computer, do you have (Posted on 10.08.2015) Review by inexdaniel
hi, can i use this cable for my Seat Leon 5F 2013? Thanks ;) (Posted on 06.08.2015)
Review by Dank

die Ware ist angekommen und funktionier super :-)

Vielen Dank (Posted on 13.07.2015) Review by Sergej
Thanks a lot for your help!
It works!

Best Regards!
Sergej (Posted on 10.07.2015) Review by Sergej
I am still waiting for your answer in Skype!!

(Posted on 10.07.2015) Review by Sergej
Thanks for fast delivery!
I installed everything, but my Lizenz status is entzogen. Is that okay so? I wrote you on skype yesterday, i am waiting for your answer.

Sersh (Posted on 09.07.2015) Review by telegin33
Schnelle Versand . Ware funktioniert einwandfrei. (Posted on 08.07.2015) Review by Holex
There is an Interface "Standort Hamburg"
How can i order it from there to save tax and duty ?
I'm living in Germany (Posted on 04.07.2015) Review by Stefan
This cable is awesome . Everything works. German dealers sell this cable on ebay for 389 Eur . Here it costs only 27,99 EUR . Great service here . Just awesome. Thanks. Keep it up ;-) (Posted on 03.07.2015)
ja@hab.ich Review by Chris
is this cable 100% working with my Seat Altea 5P 140Ps 16V from 2005?

(Posted on 03.06.2015) Review by Audifan
Hello, i have Golf 6 and Golf 7. Can i buy this cable and does the long coding works ? Thank for this low price and good Service. (Posted on 30.05.2015)
Review by sacsa
Product of excellent quality! I recommend! (Posted on 15.05.2015)
Review by Grzegorz

I see that I can buy here version 12.12.3 with version 14.10 as at this link 14.10.2?

I would like to buy together with software version 12.12.3 14.10.2 and I see here that you can select the version 14.10 just do not know which is exactly

Greetings (Posted on 12.05.2015)
Review by Unknown
Is this the full version or a demo version ? (Posted on 17.04.2015) Review by AC/DC fan
The cable arrived OK, but the cd with 12.12.3 English is damaged.

Please send me another copy by email. (Posted on 31.03.2015)
Review by Gilbert
Kabel und CD waren sehr gut verpackt. Es ist alles in Ordnung und funktioniert perfekt.
Grüße aus Deutschland. (Posted on 28.03.2015)
Review by djjoha

This is the link you gave us for the german version.

The Programm contains the Win32 Sality Virus. After the installation Kaspersky shows nearly all programms on the computer are infected with this virus.

Is this right? (Posted on 14.03.2015)
Review by omar.0650
i bought the cable with 12.12.3 Deutsch GERMAN version the cd don't work , can you send me a download link or something ? i tried all links you send other people already but no one did work :/

please help me .

Omar (Posted on 13.03.2015) Review by Tom
Avira meldet Virus! (v123de.rar) W32/Sality.AT (Posted on 11.03.2015)
Review by Hrast
When I bought the cable arrive? (Posted on 28.02.2015) Review by feather123

I recently bought an cable, absolutely worked great. Sadly I gave it to my friend and he used a newer version (14.0 I think). Now the cable isn't working anymore :( (also not with the 12. - what can I do?)

(Posted on 20.02.2015) Review by Me919
The CD is broken, can you send me a link to download the software 12.12.3 in German? (Posted on 19.02.2015) Review by odin
alles super gelaufen.
ware funktioniert klasse.
vielen dank!!!!

odin (Posted on 17.02.2015) Review by hannes
Ich habe leider die falsche CD bekommen. ist alles auf englich. brauche aber die 12.12.3 in deutsch (Posted on 16.02.2015) Review by lct
habe kürzlich bei euch ein Kabel gekauft mit aufdruck 12.12
dieses kabel funktioniert aber nicht mit 12.12.3 !!!
kann ich das Kabel per HEX Datei Updaten auf HEX 1.93 ??!!!
wäre toll,
den ein kabel das nach 2 Monaten schon alt ist ,ist nicht sinnvoll !!!


lct Germany (Posted on 15.02.2015) Review by Hideki
Hello, the CD is broken and the link further below doesnt work. What an i do?
Thank you (Posted on 12.02.2015) Review by Seppx
Kann ich mein bei euch gekauftes kabel VCDS 12.12 von HEX 1.92 auf 1.93 Updaten ???
damit eine VCDS Software von höher als 12.12 funktioniert !!!

lct (Posted on 09.02.2015)
Review by Kümmel
the VAG CD is damage, i need the software
for 12.12.3
(Posted on 08.02.2015) Review by oese

funktioniert das Kabel (mit der Software 12.12.3) mit einem Skoda Octavia III (2.2014) ???

MfG (Posted on 03.02.2015) Review by oese

ich habe einen Skoda Octavia III (2/2014).
Funktioniert das Kabel bei meinem Auto?



I have a Skoda Octavia III ( 2/2014 ) .
Does the cable in my car ?

(Posted on 03.02.2015) Review by Secret
Mit DHL Express sehr schnelle Lieferung.
Alles funktioniert super !!!! (Posted on 31.01.2015) Review by mw0ca
The CD is broken, can you send me a link to the software.

12.12.3 GERMAN / DEUTSCH (Posted on 09.01.2015)
Review by German64
Funktioniert alles gut mit 12.12.3,Liederzeit ca.3 Wochen.
Nur würde ich gerne wissen ob es Updatefähig ist.


(Posted on 04.01.2015)
Review by Sim
i bought a VAG Com Cable with VCDS V11.11.3 since years ago.
Can i update the VCDS Software to a newer? (Posted on 24.12.2014) Review by dennman

thanks for the fast shipping.
I also have a problem with the interface. It can't be detected. Is there any server, i can download the disc you've sent with? I can't put it in my dvd-drive.

Kind regards,
Denis (Posted on 16.12.2014)
Review by Kaput

ich benötige ein Kabel für einen Golf6.

welches Kabel benötige ich?

Vag com Version 10 oder 12?

wie schnell geht die Lieferung und was kostet die Lieferung?
(Posted on 25.11.2014) Review by Crazyrock
Super Schneller Versand nach Deutschland.
Funktioniert alles bestens und wie es soll. Sehr guter shop.TOP (Posted on 12.11.2014) Review by Loewentom71
Hello, first time Thanks for the fast delivery.
I have a problem with the installation. The driver will not be fully charged. The Interfac is not detected. What can I do? regards
Thomas (Posted on 01.11.2014)

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