Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Plus 3 in 1 for Car and Trucks Black 2014.3 Version without bluetooth

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Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Plus 3 in 1 for Car and Trucks Black 2014.3 Version without bluetooth

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Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Plus 3 in 1 for Car and Trucks Black is a diagnostic tool used with a PC or Pocket PC and powerful CARS Diagnostic software, making it a powerful and flexible tool for all vehicle shops, fleet owners, vehicle testing, road service, police and armed forces.
Software: 2014.3


Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Plus 3 in 1 for Car and Trucks Black 2014.3 Version


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, German,Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish,Finnish /Suomi

Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Plus 3 in 1 is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. It works on both old and new vehicles.
With CARS, you are able to perform brand specific diagnostics for cars and light vans from 1988 onwards. A total of 47 different brands. With TRUCKS software package, you are able to perform brand specific diagnostics for light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses and trailers from 1995 onwards.
A total of 37 different brands. The diagnostic program GENERIC is designed for the legislation based diagnostics, specially targeted for emission related fault codes. GENERIC is included in CARS and TRUCKS packages.
Multiplexer function, 2xHS CAN (ISO 11898-2), SW CAN (SAE J2411), K/L (ISO 9141-2),RS485 (J1708), TTL and (SPI, analog in, 5volt out).


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, German,Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish(you can change it to the language you need when you install the software)

Multi-cardiag M8 Function

With the flight recorder function, you can record parameters in real time while you are driving a vehicle. During recording, you can, with a press of a button, highlight the specific error so that you can investigate the detected error at a later time.Multi-cardiag M8 is equipped with built-in memory thus removing the need to bring a computer. Memory cart not include in package.

Contact 4GB TF Card

Multi Auto-Diag VS08 CDP installation process

1, Put the CD into the computer, then copy the file i

n the CD to the system disk (C drive)

3, Choose the language, and product Model to finish the installation

4, Open the CD directory again, copy all the file in the "Patch" to coverage to the installation directory

5, Click to run DS150 icons, you need to input serial number and Hardware key. There have two way you can get the serial number and Hardware key.

   First way,  "read me.txt" file in the CD, Find the corresponding Hardware key via the serial number

Second way, Run the keygen/Autocom-Delphi Keygen 20

13.3.exe in the CD, you can generate Hardware key by yourself after you input the serial number.

6, Click Next, a small window will pop up,

 Choose "YES", will save the activation file in your computer

7Run the keygen/Autocom-Delphi Keygen 2013.3.exe in the CDChoose the activation file to activate it.

8, Run DS150 again, in the step 6, choose "NO" to select th

e activation file,then you can finish to acticate the machine


With the multi colour indicator on Multi-cardiag M8, you have full control of the diagnostic process. Different colors and sound communicates the status and the placement of the indicator allows you to see it from a far. For example, if the indicator alternates between blue and green the Multi-cardiag M8 is in communication with the vehicle control unit.


To locate the diagnostic connector in the vehicle with ease, even if it’s located in a dark and inaccessible place, there is a LED on the 16-pin connector to help you along. The location and the design allows the light to function even when using the adaptor cable for vehicles without a 16-pin diagnostic socket.


When Multi-cardiag M8 is connected to the vehicle, the unit will check the battery voltage of the vehicle and automatically adjusts itself to the vehicle’s voltage level of 12 or 24 volts. If the voltage gets too high or too low, Multi-cardiag M8 will warn you with both sound and light and you will also be alerted through the battery icon in our diagnostic software.


In our CARS software, we have a smart function that allows you to read out the chassis number from the vehicle that you would like to diagnose. This ensures that the right model and year is selected automatically. In addition, engine code for vehicles, which are commonly available on the markets, is also selected automatically.


Intelligent System Scan (ISS) scans through all the systems in the vehicle and displays the fault codes that are stored in each system. This saves time and you get a quick overview of the actual status of the entire vehicle. When the ISS is complete, you can then select a specific control system to analyse the results further on.


Intelligent System Identification (ISI) identifies and selects automatically the type of controller that is mounted in the vehicle. This ensures that the diagnostic session is performed correctly with the correct parameters as required.


Under this function tab, you will be able to see the adaptations and adjustments that are possible for a specific vehicle without having the vehicle near you. Together with the help texts as a guide, you can plan and be effective in your work; even under complex situations.


Multi-cardiag M8 is equipped with an unique multiplexer technology, which allows it to be used on all types of vehicles, regardless of voltage levels and communication standards. For those vehicles that do not use the standard 16-pin connector, we offer a complete set of certified and customized adapter cables and kits.


For most OBD functions, such as adjustments and programmings, there are detailed instructions and help texts to assist you in your diagnosis work. You will find step by step information about prerequisites, preparation and implementation of various functions; making even the most complex function simple to perform.


installation instructions

-  TURN OFF your internet connection!     shut down antivirus software!
1,copy "DS150E CAR 2014.R3 " or "DS150E Trucks 2014.R3" to your computer.2,run main.exe in "DS150E CAR 2014.R3" to activate(if you want to install truck ,  please run main.exe in "DS150E Trucks 2014.R3")
- click start- click yes to save FileActivation on desk- send the FileActivation to your seller ,then ask your seller send back the FileActivation actived- click start again- click no to open the FileActivation actived- wait for install complete,enjoy!

note:1,if your computer first install ds150e software,you must install usb driver(main unit   link to computer to install).usb driver is in "DS150E 2014.3 CAR\Driver"2,if you can't run main.exe.please install Netframe3.53,if your main unit firmware is old, you must link main unit to car then updata firmware!


Package Including

1pc x Multi-cardiag M8 grey interface
1pc x LED OBD2 Connector
1pc x USB Cable( 3 Meters)
1pc x CD(2014.3 version)

Additional Information

Package No

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