1000W USB Car Inverter DC 24V to AC 220V

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1000W USB Car Inverter DC 24V to AC 220V

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70,00 €
The inverter can convert 24V for diesel powered car DC of automobile to 220V/50HZ AC, and its output rated power is 1000W.
70,00 €


            1000W USB Car Inverter DC 24V to AC 220V


The inverter appliance in automobile whose service power is less than 1000W, and voltage is 220V AC can be used by the product. It is suitable for DVD, notebookPC, printer, fax machine, electronic game machine, video camera, digital camera etc. and their batterie
It can also be driven with an electric drill, electric water heaters and other electrical power less than 500W.


for player MP3, player MP4,Charge up cellphone, Digital camera, DV vidicon, Palm computer, CD/DVD, Emergency lighting, Electric fan, Electric blanket, Hand-held computer, Minitelevision, Little pump, Electric tools, TV set, PRN device, Desktop computer.


Input voltage:24V
Output voltage:220V
Output frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Dlivered power:1000W
USB Output: 5V
Volume of the product: 220*89*47mm

Protection function

Shortcircuit \overload \undervoltage \overvoltage \overheating


1000W+USB 24V -220V (Model B)

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